In a nutshell

The program seed4business is an initiative for the development of the entrepreneurial spirit and skills among ambitious joung residents of Greece. It is organized by the non-for-profit Institute for Career Guidance and Counselling, with the gentle support of the Public Gas Company S.A.

Seed4business consists of perpetual circles of intervention, each comprizing of lectures on topics related to modern business start up and Administration, simulations of company life (gamification) as well as the draft of business plans under mentoring by acknowledged business people.

Each circle runs with the participation of 20-25 perspective business people and lasts about 2 months. Some of the circles revolve around a specific market such as tourism, IT, renewable energy etc, and some will have a specific social emphasis like on women’s entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship etc. After a series of circles the best teams are invited to update their business plans with the guidance of mentors and the most promising will be given further support to take off and flourish.


Cycle 1

The 1st Cycle of the program is taking place in October-November 2014.

The lectures intend to sensitise the participants and inform them on the following issues:

  • Types of enterprises
  • Business idea & business opportunity
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Project management
  • Financial management
  • Strategic marketing
  • Corporate communication & PR
  • Client service & Sales techniques
  • The basics of logistics
  • Leadership & management
  • HR management & Labor law basics
  • Total Quality Management
  • e-commerce
  • Procedures to setup a company
  • Sources of funding
  • Business Plan
  • Effective presentations

The simulation is planned to focus on decision making, as well as on handling situations that arise in everyday company life.

Business plans for particular ideas are going to be discussed and drafted not only as potential roadmaps for perspective ventures, but also as an experience emphasizing on how to deal with uncertainty.

The program is taking place in central Athens, 27, P. Ioakeim, Kolonaki.